WebValley is the FBK summer school for dissemination of interdisciplinary research: almost 400 students (17-18y old) have attended the WebValley camps since its first edition in 2001. WebValley started as a regional initiative for high school students from Trentino Alto-Adige SüdTirol, and it is now an opportunity for national and international students to experiment scientific research.

The WebValley formula: Create a team of enthusiast and motivated high school students (18 y) tutored by researchers.

2023 Edition

In 2023 the team of about 20 students, supported by FBK researchers and other international tutors will delve into a project of AI for a widely distributed air quality assessment, exploring possible relation patterns among the pollutant agents distribution detected by diverse sensors based on different technologies, in collaboration with FBK centers Sensors and Devices (Research Unit Micro Nano Facility) and Digital Health & Wellbeing (Research Unit Data Science for Health). The focus will be the interoperability of heterogeneous data sources for the development of predictive models for air quality monitoring. Participants will experience the assembly of a monitoring station powered by low-cost sensors and will analyze historical air quality data to investigate possible correlations with associated weather phenomena and particular events.

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